It's time you move your cargo in style…

ThinkBikes is an E-mobility company that is accelerating green transportation in Africa with electric bicycles…

About Us

Thinkbikes Limited is providing last mile transportation using Electric cargo bikes made available for ride-sharing and lease to individuals and businesses in urban and rural communities for affordable

ThinkBikes identified micro and small businesses such as smallholder farmers are facing difficulties in transporting their products and according to World Bank. Food insecurity is a major challenge in Nigeria with 50% of food produce lost annually and in the post-harvest loss.

The Company was established in 2020 and is a manufacturing as well as a service firm in terms of ride-sharing, lease, and sale of electric road and cargo bikes.



Our bikes are easily accessible with delivery to your doorstep when you make an order or with a lease and PAYGo using our mobile application.


Our electric Bikes are designed with good quality and toughness in mind to operate in the toughest terrain and harsh conditions. They are built to last with warranty


We offer good support to our clients and customers, we are available for every questions and our technicians run maintenance service 24/7

Pay As You Go

We offer a payment option for bike sharing that makes it easy to use  our bike for short errands, everyday needs and weekend adventures. It’s a way to make biking more accessible, from exploring a city to getting to class or picking up dinner on the way home.

App Overview

ThinkBikes offers an easy-to-use , mobile app that runs on all smartphones running iOS, Android or Windows Phone operating systems. The app allows you to find nearby roads that are suitable for e-bikes, track your journey and plan your route.

Benefits of ThinkBikes

Cargo E-bike(A solution to farmers)

Our cargo bikes can be used as easy means to move farm produce from one place to another, it offer more space and it is built in a way that it will accommodate loads and make farming easier for farmers. The strength of the 3 wheeled cargo bike can make it withstand any challenge on farmland.

Health improvements

It may seem that the electric bike isn’t really exercise because it takes so little effort to ride. The Journal of Medical Internet Research published a study conducted at Brigham Young University that found riding electric bikes provides nearly as much exercise as riding mountain bicycles without making people feel exhausted. Riders still have to pedal even with pedal assist, which burns calories.

Improved Economy

ThinkBikes electric cargo bike is the most affordable means of transportation for micro and small businesses. It allows for them to maximize profit as they can do more with much less and with our PAYGo services, they can maximize profit up to 65%.

Technical Details

Frame Robust steel frame, hand-welded
Motor 3000W mid-drive electric hub motor with 180 Nm of torque.
Battery Removable 60V, 52Ah (3 kWh) Lithium battery pack.
Pedal Assist Smart 5 level pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor
Max range Up to 120km on a single charge with pedal-assist mode.
Throttle Push throttle with on/off activation button
Top speed Up to 35km/h
Front suspensions Stable double bridge fork suspension
Rear suspensions Double spring adjustable damping shock absorbers
Wiring Water resistant connectors and wiring harness

Why Choose Us

We design and manufacture our bicycles in house with full ergonomics, they are electric bicycles and they make your rides as enjoyable as possible.

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