Agribusiness is the business sector encompassing farming and farming-related commercial activities. It includes the production, processing, and distribution processes necessary to get an agricultural product to market.


Over the year, Agribusiness have been facing different challenges. According to the World Bank (2020), traditional markets in Nigeria sell 90% of the nation’s staple foods. Each year, post-harvest losses result in the loss of 50% of the yield (NSPRI, 2022). This has been connected to issues with transportation, limited market access, and outdated technology (FAO, 2022). Approximately 24.6 million people in Nigeria are estimated to be food insecure, and these issues are a contributing factor (World Bank, 2020). Poor road infrastructure from farms to town, inconsistent mechanical truck defects that might take days to remedy, and reduced shelf life of agricultural products are key transportation problems.


Our electric cargobikes are actively contributing to supply chain efficiency because most of the foods transported nowadays are perishable (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.). And before they could supply these foods to their destinations, a majority would have spoilt, resulting in a significant loss, not only to the farmer but also to the economy. Our cargobikes are constructed so foodstuffs can be preserved with the innovation of our cool max (the cargo box has a refrigerator with a cooling range of -6 deg to 30 deg). For this reason, it guarantees long journey delivery and safety for as long as possible, thus avoiding health problems and food inaccessibility. Despite the scarcity of fuel, people face transporting their foods to market. With our cargo bike, there is nothing like that. And this has helped producers to transport their products regardless of fuel scarcity. Our products have helped reduce malnutrition in areas with limited access to the food supply by connecting farmers to the market. ThinkBikes Limited Company has helped and will continue to help in all areas of agribusiness. We pride ourselves on continually improving all the economic sectors, and we are looking forward to the future and all the possibilities that it brings.

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